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Complicated bankruptcy process 

Case location: Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Seychelles

ISOTERIX was hired by one of the largest liquidator firm in Europe, which was nominated by the court and requested to allocate all the assets of an individual and his company.

The target individual was the owner of a large consortium (the target company) which was operating all over Europe (West & East) with an extensive portfolio of assets in the real-estate domain, energy, medical and other segments. While the value of the consortium’s assets was estimated by the liquidator in approx a 3.7 Billion €, the liquidator managed to put his hands on assets in value of 180 million € and couldn’t reveal the hidden assets.

At this stage ISOTERIX entered into the process to reveal the hidden assets.

Based on a preliminary intelligence report, we managed to understand that the consortium was managed as a “large family”, while employees did financial maneuvering and took risks, to assure their continuous activity in the company, while having high salaries. This was followed by mapping the owner’s trust network, family members and other person of interests. Through this basic database of potential collaborator, our team started to execute several intelligence and investigative actions alongside with cyber tracking of different aspects.

In a period of 9 months, ISOTERIX managed to allocate assets in value of 950 mil €. 

Through an extensive intelligence activity, we found that a team was established by the owner, within the consortium, to hide assets in a variety of ways. We managed to discover the name of the leading person within this established team, but he was located in a jurisdiction with no extradition possibilities or any other legal ability.
It was clear that if the liquidator will engage in a formal process, the person will arrive Europe and cannot be detained, therefore an operational project was developed by ISOTERIX’s field agents.

The perpetrator, was discovered on an island and based on a lucrative business opportunity, was invited to Germany, where he was arrested immediately by the local police and later on signing a witness agreement and reveled 100% of the missing assets.

The operation results:

  • ISOTERIX managed to allocate the entire assets if favor of the liquidator in value of 3.5 Billio€.

  • A person of interested was located and brought willingly to Europe and become a main witness in the case.

  • An evidence file was formed against the owner.


ISOTERIX Comprehensive Operational Services

Special targeted and tailor designed intelligence operations as Urgent response.

ISOTERIX Asset tracking

Locating and recovering valuable assets.

ISOTERIX Financial investigation

Operating at all levels of financial investigations, from activity detection through final resolution.



Our cyber capabilities and the human intelligence network we operate, allow us to confront challenges worldwide and provide a variety of creative intelligence solution. 

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