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Multinational aviation technology company 

Case location: France, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia

A large international aviation technology company, conducted a periodic internal financial audit, which revealed several unclear financial irregularities in the company records. It appears that a few dozen transactions in different amounts were done with different suppliers, without the proper documentation. Further investigations revealed that the product’s quantity provided by those suppliers was much lower in comparing to the order forms and the payment value – suspicious data which reflects a fraudulent situation.  

ISOTERIX was retained to provide a clear status of the situation through an internal investigation for a fraud suspicion. The client was concerned to risk its business relations with the suppliers, as with some of them, he had exclusive purchase agreements for specific technologies which he was obliged to maintain for the proper operation of its own activity. Therefore, the investigation was completely confidential and executed through a covert intelligence process and cyber & digital forensics analysis.

We mapped the entire suppliers which were involved in the transactions alongside with the network of employees that were dealing in direct contact with these suppliers, but due to the fact that the company operates internationally with more than 11,000 employees, it was almost impossible to find our target.

In order to overcome this obstacle, ISOTERIX executed a covert international intelligence gathering, based on cyber information that was collected and according to analysis and profiling of the situation. We applied different existing factors that allowed us to reveal clandestine business relationships and further indicators for hidden motivations of several supply chain managers.

A deeper micro intelligence work revealed the money flow into different offshore bank accounts, supported by the entire acquisition documentation trails which were extracted from the dark web, though our cyber experts – all that directed us to the perpetrator.

A complete evidence document was established, providing with a broad variety of evidence that was used later on, in court by the company.

The operation results:

  • The client presented the suppliers involved with the report and the fraud situation.

  • The suppliers executed their own internal investigation, to allocate their collaborators on this fraudulent operation - based on that no legal complains or contract breach was done. 

  • The suppliers reimbursed  the company the extra-amounts that were charged by them in total amount of 27 million EURO


ISOTERIX Comprehensive Operational Services

Special targeted and tailor designed intelligence operations as Urgent response.

ISOTERIX Internal Investigations

Legal or regulatory violations, Cyber breaches, internal fraud situation, employment matters, etc’.

ISOTERIX Financial Forensic

Trace, recreate, reconstruct and analyze financial and electronic information.



Our cyber capabilities and the human intelligence network we operate, allow us to confront challenges worldwide and provide a variety of creative intelligence solution. 

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